Hexagon Torques

Low price type splines

This product is low price spline series that is ideal for simple applications such as conveyor width adjustment and torque transmission after positioning.

Standard type is gunmetal nuts and S45C shafts, in addition combination of corrosion-resistant PET resin nuts and SUS304 shafts are also.

Miniature type is standardized combination of PPS resin nuts and SUS304 shafts.

Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of environments.

In addition, miniature series has two types of nuts.

Single nut is standard and Double nut is non-backlash.

Both of standard and miniature types are delivered that cut to the required shaft length.

Ozak has accepted shaft end machining based on customer drawings also.

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HTK (Single)
HTKW (Double)

・Miniature Type
・Opposite side: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
・Shaft length: Max 300mm

CAD Data(2D)

HT (S45C)

・Opposite side: 7mm~32mm
・Max length: 2m

Technical information

HT-S (SUS304)

・Opposite side: 7mm~32mm
・Max length: 2m

Technical information

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