Lead Screws

New ordering system: screw shafts, shaft end machining, support units, couplings, can be ordered in batches

Ozak has started a new ordering system. Screw shafts, shaft end machining, support units, and couplings can be ordered by model number in batches.

Therefore, it can reduce time and effort in order and delivery term management.

Please select from three types by feed accuracy and positioning accuracy: Ball screws, Super screws, and Trapezoidal screws

Ball Screws
(Accuracy grade:C5, C7, C10)

・Shaft diameter: φ4~φ40
・Lead: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
・Shaft end machining option

Super Screws
(Accuracy grade:C10)

・Plastic nut & SUS304 screw shaft
・Non-Backlash option
・Shaft end machining option

30°Trapezoidal Screws

・Gunmetal nut & S45C screw shaft
・Shaft diameter: φ10~φ40
・Shaft end machining option

Support Units for Lead Screws

・Can be used to all type screws


・For Servo motor
・For Stepping motor
・For Manual