Produsts Information

●Linear Bearings

A wide range of lengths, flange shapes, anti-corrosion types, various grease-filled types and super long-life series capable of withstanding severe conditions can be used for all purposes.

There is also a type in which a straight type linear bearing is incorporated in a case with a flange or a box type.

Although there is a wide range of model numbers, all you need to do is provide a straight type as a linear bearing for maintenance, which saves you the trouble of ordering and stock control.

There are also units that combine linear bearings and linear shafts in two axes.


●Maintenance Free

Achieved about 4 times longer rating life than standard products.

The newly developed seal significantly reduces grease leakage and eliminates the need for greasing after installation.

The high sealing performance enables even longer service life in dusty environments


●Linear Shafts

Dedicated shafts of a linear bearing correspond to an inner ring in a ball bearing, so various requirements such as dimensional accuracy and hardness must be satisfied.

Ozak has a standard stock of high-precision hardened grinding shafts.


●Linear Guides

The guide rail and bearing fits are fully interchangeable. In addition, the structure prevents the ball from falling out when the bearing is removed from the rail.


●Eco Linear Guides

Economy series for cost reduction.
Five types option seals for each application


●Roller Guides

This series uses rollers or ball bearings as rolling elements.

Compared with linear guides, this series features smooth movement and is available in five series, including a high-precision, low-cost version for conveying


●Round Type Linear Guides

Parallelism and horizontality adjustment during assembly is easier than linear guides. In addition, the assembly time can be shortened.

The rails are constructed for easy alignment; therefore, assembly time can be reduced.

Low frictional resistance and excellent ball tracking at high speeds


●Lead Screws

Please select from three types by feed accuracy and positioning accuracy: Ball screws, Super screws, and Trapezoidal screws.

New ordering system: screw shafts, shaft end machining, support units, couplings, can be ordered in batches


●Linear Torques

There are two types: Ball Splines, in which balls rolls through a spline groove, and Hexagon Torques, which are combinations of materials with good frictional compatibility.


●Motion Units

Here are various units combining our own products such as single axis slider units, elevating and torque transmission units, and belt drive units.


●Mechanical Parts

General machine element parts and special products are lineup