Linear Bearings Professional OZAK SEIKO

Ozak has conducted research and development of linear bearings(linear bushes) in the earliest days in Japan and has produced and sold them.
Ozak is developing the original unique products based on the experience.
The headquarters factory in Saitama Prefecture Kawagoe City is assumed to be a production foothold, and strengthening the system of production for the future is aimed at. We have the sales base in the main location in Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sendai, set the sales network to foreign countries, and want to be measuring a further sales strengthening and the improvement of service on the sales side in the future.

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|| Movie Update (4th June 2019)
Robot transport system that was well received at last year’s M-Tech Expo. At this year’s exhibition, the on-board robot is driven autonomously and received high praise.
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||Linear Roller Slider
•Integrated Structure
Integrated Aluminium Frame with round hardened shaft.
Aluminium frame rails act as pillars or beams, eliminating
the need for assembling guide rails. Hence, saving cost as
lesser parts are needed.
•Silent operation
Running operation is quiet as ball collision noise would not
be heard. This series can be assembled to other aliuminium
frames, suited to conveyance.
Details of this model is explained in here.