Privacy Policy

About handling of personal information.

OZAK SEIKO believes it’s OZAK’s important duty to respect your privacy and to protect your personal information. We will observe laws about personal information protection. We will handle personal information as followings.
We regard you have agreed with the privacy policy when you read this website.

♦ Collection of personal information.
We collect personal information in an appropriate manner.
♦ Usage of personal information.
We will use personal information only for following purposes. For provision products, service and informations, or for improvement of products and service.
♦ Disclosure of personal information.
We will not disclose or supply personal information to any third party except following cases.
• When the customer approves it.
• When we disclose information within the range that seems to be necessary for the destination of the business consignment that our company has concluded the non-disclosure agreement ahead or business tie-up (sales agent and carrying company, etc.) for doing the business it.
• When we judge that it is appropriate that the content etc. of the inquiry of the customer are answered or correspond from our sales companies and related companies.
• When it is necessary to disclose personal information to the financial institution etc. by the customer’s ordering of the commodity and using the pay service for the price settlement.
• When responding to the request based on the law etc.
♦ Security.
After giving a reasonable, appropriate security to the disappearance, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc. of an illegal access to personal information, our company will manage individual information.
Customer’s personal information is protected by encrypting communication information by using SSL(Secure Socket Layer) on our company Web site.
♦ Privacy policy.
Our Web site might gather information by the method by which the individual is not specified which page of this site the customer visited or this site was accessed from the site of which domain name for the purpose of the improvement of the offered service level.
♦ Copyright Policy.
Our Web site doesn’t permit any right based on our or third party’s copyright, patent, trademark right, and other intellectual property rights. Any license based on the intellectual property right that lies the product, software, and served, etc. that introduce or are referred on our company Web site is not permitted.
♦ General disclaimer.
Contents and URL on our Web site change or might be discontinued without a previous notice beforehand. We assume no responsibility for the content of the linked sites and our company Web site. Moreover, our company and its affiliates assumes no responsibility whatever for any direct , indirect , special , incidental , consequential damages and any other damages resulting from the use and access to the contents of this site.
Privacy policy published in our company Web site might change based on the change in the social conditions and service etc. In that case, latest privacy policy will be always published on our company Web site, and please get the confirmation regularly.

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