・Linear Bearings

There are many types of Linear Bearings for various application.
For example, bearing length of Single, Double and Long, various figure of Flanged bearings, Non-Rust type, Grease enclosing type and Ultra Long Life series for heavy moment load as the OZAK original products.
There are also flanged or housing aluminum case series that incorporated the standard type linear bearings.
This series has many model number. However you can save a trouble of the stock management if you have the stock of the straight type linear bearings for maintenance.
In addition, Ozak has two axes units that is constructed in linear bearings and linear shafts.

・Maintenance Free Linear Bearings

MF series obtain approx four times longer life than standard series.
You never need to supply grease because grease leakage is reduced significantly by the special seal.
In addition, it’s possible to obtain more longer life under dusty environment by the high sealing performance.

・ECO Linear Bearings

This is the economy series for cost down.
Dimensions and the basic rated load are same as the standard series.

・Linear Shafts

Dedicated shafts of linear bearings need to satisfy the various requirements such as dimensional accuracy or hardness, because it corresponds to the inner ring of the ball bearing.
Ozak has the high-precision ground and hardened shafts in standard stock.

・Linear Guides

There is the perfect interchangeability between the guide rails and bearings.
In addition, the bearings have the structure that balls does not fall off if you removed the bearings from the guide rails.

・ECO Linear Guides

This is the economy series for cost down and suitable for the conveyance part of the equipment that the high precision is unnecessary.
In addition, there are seal options for environments of various applications.

・Linear Roller Guides

This series have rollers or ball bearings as rolling elements.
As characteristics, it can be moved smoothly comparing with linear guides.
In addition, there are five series by purpose. For example, the high precision, the high rigidity, for the reasonable price conveyance, etc.

・Round Shaft Guides

This is easier to adjust parallel and horizontal level at time of assembly as compared to linear guides. Furthermore construction schedule can be shorten.
The connection of long rail has a mechanism that is hardly a difference in level and can be assembled in a short time.
In addition, the frictional resistance is low, and it excels in the following performance of balls during high-speed driving.

・Lead Screws

There are Ball screws, Super screws and Trapezoidal screws, depending on different positioning accuracy and repeatability. Ozak starts the operation of new order system.
Ozak starts new order system that can be ordered in a lump of the shaft end machining, the Support Units and the Couplings by the model number only.

・Linear Torques

As characteristics of this series, the Ball Splines can be used at two ways of linear motion and torque transmission, the Linear Torque Bearings has anti-rotation function, and the Hexagon Torques is a reasonable price and excels at corrosion resistance.

・Motion Units

This series is the multi purpose unit that combines the guide mechanism and the feed mechanism.
You can shorten design and assembly term.

・Mechanical Parts

There are the Rolling Bearings of a reasonable price and high reliability, the Cam Follower Blocks for multipurpose, the Rod Ends of stainless maintenance free type, etc.